Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Instagram Diary Entry #001

Cottages seem to crop up in children's literature a few times, if the princess can't have a castle then she'll probably settle for a nice little cottage in the woods like Snow White. Perhaps this lead to my dream of one day growing old in a calm small house with a traditionally red roof and oak doors, of course surrounded by the tranquillity of nature. But ever since I was a little girl cottages in the countryside, near parks and lakes have always been appealing to me. Whether it be because of the light stone-coloured bricks, the colourful flowers blossoming outside or even the warm cosy fire I've always imagined roaring inside, cottages have always seemed like comfortable sanctuaries; a get-away from the outside world. I've always lived near a big nature reserve with beautiful streams and pathways but it would be a nice change of scenery to live in the midst of it all. One day, perhaps, I'll find the perfect little cottage, but until then I'll continue with my musings.

Yours eternally,



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  3. Thank you so much for the sweet comment ! I use a Canon 50D with a 50mm lens but I also have a 28mm lens. I used to study photography in college, and I use a remote control self timer to take my pics, as most of the time I don't have access to another person to do the pics for me. I hope that helps and enjoy blogging !

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  5. Love this picture..And I am nurturing a dream of retiring in a cottage in the mountains some day..LOL! Just found out your blog and loved it! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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