Monday, 12 March 2012

Instagram Diaries

Instagram is an application (used to capture the image below) that is now widely available on many smart phones. As I have an iPhone it's a very practical app which is easy to use and allows you to quickly manipulate photos with different filters and a focus ring. This is app, for me, is one of my favourites for quick, on-the-go photography when you just don't have the time of effort to whip out a DSLR.

I really enjoy photography and would recommend this application to everyone. Although the camera on iPhones aren't amazing, albeit, they are commendable. The filters that can be applied to the photos can bring out the lighting and emphasise any point.

Spontaneous photography may perhaps be when the best photographs are taken, even in the most unlikely places. Seeing that green landscape or colourful scene and capturing the photo at just the right time is no easy feat but all you need is a camera and you're off! Photography is something everyone should try; some enjoy it more than others, some find it naturally more easy than others but even so, it is the quality and meaning of the photo to the photographer themselves that truly matters. Some photographers focus on joinery, some on black & white imagery, some on landscape and nature etc. but all photographs capture a moment in time that will never return making them sentimental and each perceiving something completely different.

In the future, brace yourself for my photo diaries.

Yours eternally,


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  1. you have SUCH lovely, lovely photos on your blog!!!!! love it!