Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mind Play

Eternal adj. Without end.

I would think of my mind as an eternal archive.
My name is Nezi and this is my first ever blog post so I'll keep it brief. I am a keen artist and photographer and I will often post my latest projects and inspirations here. Another passion of mine is reading, writing and culture. Music-wise, I have recently acquired a liking for Lana Del Rey. I can't dress to save my life, however, I do have an interest in fashion; moreover, fashion and photography. A lot of my work is displayed on many fashion blogs. I easily tend to ramble on and often talk about random nonsense so just bear with me. 

Yours eternally,



  1. You can count me in to read your post my lovely ;)

  2. Welcome to blogosphere! Thanks for the lovely comment you left in my post... Looking forward to more of your future blog posts...